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A passion for olive oil.
A commitment to culinary excellence.
Claudio has more than 25 years of experience within the olive oil industry and maintains thousands of influential relationships with some of the best producers worldwide.

Passion and Dedication

Vignoli Italian Food Anthology

He is an internationally acclaimed Oleologist, Olive Oil Sommelier and he is a certified Master Miller. Claudio has worked as a strategist and agronomic consultant for several decades. He currently serves as an advisor for companies manufacturing machines and equipment that are specifically used for olive oil production, and he serves as a Consultant for many of Italy’s top olive oil producers.

Claudio also produces his own Extra Virgin Olive Oil. He travels throughout the year in search of new and exciting culinary treasures, and he often organizes public and private olive oil tastings. Claudio is frequently invited to serve as a guest judge and speaker at many esteemed international conferences and food competitions.

For Claudio, the Vignoli brand represents the natural evolution of a life dedicated to the craft of creating some of the best olive oils in the world.

Let’s hear from Claudio:

«People ask me why I decided to create Vignoli Food Anthology and I often give them the same answer– passion. My passion and dedication to creating exceptional Extra Virgin Olive Oil spans more than twenty-five years and my commitment to quality is unwavering.

From processing, tasting, marketing, and implementing the best-in-class technologies, I have experience within nearly every aspect of the olive oil industry.

However, my passion and commitment to excellence doesn’t end with just olive oil. Enjoying and sharing delicious Italian food is another one of my life’s passions, and it is one that has inspired me to go that extra mile when creating my made-from-scratch Balsamic Vinegars of Modena, pastas, sauces, and tapenades.

As an avid traveler and culinary Connoisseur, I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy some of the best food in Italy created by some of the world’s most respected chefs. These culinary experiences have shown me how important it is to never compromise when it comes to quality ingredients and time-proven techniques.

 I proudly put my name on each and every bottle of my handcrafted Extra Virgin Olive Oils, vinegars and other homemade creations because the Vignoli brand is synonymous with quality and it is one that I am proud to stand behind.

It’s been my lifelong dream to bring the many delicious Italian foods, vinegars, and olive oils that I have enjoyed over the years to America, and with Vignoli, I am excited to finally be able to share a little taste of Italy with you.»